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      No one forgets an incredible smile

      Do you feel confident and attractive when you smile and laugh? With the many innovations in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Konstantinos Harogiannis, DDS can correct a number of teeth imperfections and brighten your smile with beautiful, natural-looking results. He and his Denver team deliver cosmetic dentistry that will undoubtedly give you the smile you’ve always wanted. At Dental Arts, we offer a range of effective treatments to correct stains, chips, gaps, misalignment, and other dental issues.

      We are dedicated to develop life-long relationship and educate our patients to become partners in reaching our shared goals.

      Some of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide in our Denver office are listed below:


      Porcelain Veneers

      Porcelain veneers are known to be the most durable cosmetic dental solutions for a plefora of dental challenges.
      Veneers are a rapid way to adjust the alignment, shape, and size of your current teeth. They’ll completely revitalize your smile and the best news is that they typically take only 2 visits 1 week apart.

      Dental Crowns

      Dental crowns can fortify your teeth for years. Porcelain dental crowns have reflective properties that can perfectly imitate natural teeth.

      Denver Crown repair


      Today’s prosthetic dentistry (prosthodontics) provides various treatment options to replace missing teeth.
      People lose teeth for all sorts of reasons inducing illness, accident and deficient care. The loss of a single tooth can lead to the loss of other teeth and if left untreated can lead to permanent changes in facial appearance. Dentures and partial dentures replace either some or all of your natural teeth.
      Modern dentures look like natural teeth and are more comfortable than their predecessors. The denture teeth we use are gender specific and are made from state of the art materials. Whether your denture base is made from gum coloured plastic or biocompatible metal alloy, rest assured it will be resistant to impact and offer the best fit possible.

      Teeth Whitening

      Teeth whitening has become an essential part of personal maintenance. When you have a set of stunning pearly whites, your quality of life and self-esteem will soar.

      Dr. Kostas doesn’t take teeth whitening lightly. He developed the leading systems in the world and offers four different professional formulas. Whether you want in-office or at-home whitening, we have a brilliant solution for you.

      Denver Dentist

      We provide many more methods to transform your frown into a beautiful smile.
      Call us today to schedule your consultation with an experienced and artistic cosmetic dentist.